Introducing... Buddy Browser!

Buddy Browser is an Internet Browser that solves the Internet Explorer Problem. Instead of being passive like Internet Explorer, kids using Buddy Browser can only visit sites pre-screened by the developers of Buddy Browser.

What does this mean? The approved kid friendly sites are the only sites a child using Buddy Browser can visit! If the site is not listed in Buddy Browser's program, your child cannot go there. This effectively blocks out every site on the internet that is not kid-friendly. Buddy Browser also does not limit your child's internet experience. All the popular kids sites are allowed by Buddy Browser such as, Yahooligians, Disney Channel and more. Buddy Browser also creates a safe instant messaging environment for kids.

Buddy Browser also eliminates the "spying" of the history tab of Internet Explorer to see what your kids have been up to. Of course, you can still check the history in Buddy Explorer, but you already have the peace of mind you won't find anything bad sites there since all the sites a child can visit using Buddy Browser are kid approved.

There have been over one million downloads of Buddy Browser by concerned parents such as yourself.

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Jason Murphy said...

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