Creating a Completely Safe Environment for Kids with Buddy Browser

I know all parents can't watch their kid's online activities all the time. That's why I devised a step by step guide to creating an environment that restricts a kid's activity online so you can have peace of mind. This method is essentially hack proof so it doesn't matter how computer savvy you kid is. (For user with Windows XP)

1. Click Start, go to the Control Panel and click User accounts.

2. Click "Create a New Account"

3. Type a Name for this new account. This new account will be your child, so name it accordingly. You might want to ask your child what he/she wants his/her account name to be.

4. VERY Important step here. Make sure you create a LIMITED ACCOUNT for your child. This counters the problem where you child can just install another web browser. With a limited account, your child cannot install another web browser or any other programs.

5. Click "Create account." You'll be taken back to the main screen where you can set a password for your child's account (or not.)

6. Download and install Buddy Browser. See my review of it benefits below.

7. Restart the computer and Login with your child's account. Delete all shortcuts to Internet Explorer (right click it and click delete) in the start menu. If there is a IE icon on the desktop:

Right click on any open area of the Desktop
Click Properties, "click Desktop tab", click Customize Desktop button and the General tab.

In the Desktop Icons section click checkmark next to Internet Explorer to remove it.

8. Whenever your child logs into his/her account tell them to go on the Internet using Buddy Browser.

Introducing... Buddy Browser!

Buddy Browser is an Internet Browser that solves the Internet Explorer Problem. Instead of being passive like Internet Explorer, kids using Buddy Browser can only visit sites pre-screened by the developers of Buddy Browser.

What does this mean? The approved kid friendly sites are the only sites a child using Buddy Browser can visit! If the site is not listed in Buddy Browser's program, your child cannot go there. This effectively blocks out every site on the internet that is not kid-friendly. Buddy Browser also does not limit your child's internet experience. All the popular kids sites are allowed by Buddy Browser such as, Yahooligians, Disney Channel and more. Buddy Browser also creates a safe instant messaging environment for kids.

Buddy Browser also eliminates the "spying" of the history tab of Internet Explorer to see what your kids have been up to. Of course, you can still check the history in Buddy Explorer, but you already have the peace of mind you won't find anything bad sites there since all the sites a child can visit using Buddy Browser are kid approved.

There have been over one million downloads of Buddy Browser by concerned parents such as yourself.

Flaws With Internet Explorer 7 Safety Controls

A computer savvy child (You’ll be surprised, Children are getting better at computers younger in this age) will simply download another browser and completely bypass Internet Explorer Parental Controls.

The browser is the core of an online experience. The program you are viewing this site with is a browser. Internet Explorer Parental Controls only work in Internet Explorer. (a type of browser) If you child downloads another browser to view the web with, the controls become obsolete.

In addition Internet Explorer Parental Controls are passive; whenever a site is visited it is checked against a list of blocked sites. A site may be new enough that it might not on be the list. Also a site might seem safe to the Internet Explorer Parental Controls (not have any questionable content on them), but actually link to sites with questionable content.

Setting Up Internet Explorer 7

1. Click the Tools icon on the top right.

2. From the drop down menu, click internet options.

3. Click the Content Tab.

4. Click “Enable Content Adviser”

5. There are sliders here that set boundaries for different types of sites including ones that have content such as sex, nudity, gambling, tobacco, etc.